Mindfulness-Based Tinnitus
Stress Reduction

Demystifying Tinnitus and Mindfulness: A Sensory Journey to Acceptance

At this point, no universal “cure” for tinnitus has been identified. This news is a tough pill to swallow for the millions of people around the world struggling with bothersome tinnitus. But with continued inquiry, creativity, and dedicated study over the past few decades, there are now several tools from the fields of audiology, medicine, and psychology to guide people in their effort to shift their experience of tinnitus from “bothersome” to “non-bothersome.”

Some of the habitual thoughts we develop around tinnitus can prevent our brain’s ability to change our reaction to the sound. Chronic bothersome tinnitus is almost always wrapped tightly in a cascade of thoughts, judgments, memories, fears, emotions, sadness, regrets, beliefs, and feelings about past, present, and future experiences living with this chronic symptom. 

At Equilibrium Audiology, we offer an integrative, holistic approach of cognitive behavioural therapy as well as mindfulness-based tinnitus stress reduction to recondition the brain. This programme focuses on uncovering one’s own internal resources and work towards reinterpreting the perception of tinnitus, leading to reduced tinnitus, less emotional struggle, and a greater sense of wellbeing.

With practice, we can strengthen the neural connections for a greater, more measured, balance in daily life. This is an important step towards unraveling the enigma that is tinnitus. As author and mindfulness teacher Jon Kabat-Zinn says, “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”

Based on extensive research and clinical experience, we have developed an 8-week skill-building program to teach our patients how to develop more balanced and positive ways of relating to the bothersome sensation of tinnitus. The programme includes in-depth tinnitus education and mindfulness and behavioural brain reconditioning. Much like going to the gym to build a muscle, a personal trainer can guide us, but ultimately we have to do the heavy lifting to reach our desired results. However, with practice, we can train our minds, rewire old thinking habits, modify our behaviours and reactions, and ultimately, learn to live with tinnitus with greater ease.

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