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“We do not do hearing and balance tests. We do not sell devices. We…

Change the course of cognitive decline for patients

Reduce the risk of patients falling

Start a chain of events for a child that will promote reading, education and employment”

Catherine Palmer (President Elect, AAA, April 2019)

We offer a wide range of diagnostic assessments including:

Meet our top Audiologists:

Lara Toni Benigson

Clinical Audiologist &
Vestibular Therapist

Natanya Lee Ruso (Berry)

Clinical Audiologist

Some feedback from our past patients:

  • “I’ve been feeling so dizzy for almost half my life. I’m 28 years of age and this has been happening since I was 14 yrs. I developed a very low self-esteem because I felt I was going to feel dizzy or fall in front of people at the mall or any public [place]. I preferred being alone or being assisted by someone just in case… I did tests at various doctors and found nothing. But thanks to Lara Benigson I’ve never felt so alive and sure about myself. Thanks to her wonderful smile and understanding, I’ve been a much better person. Wow, wow, wow! I feel like jumping and telling the world ‘thank you very much Lara Benigson’ may God bless you!”

  • “I recently needed an upgrade and, as usual, Lara was terrific… Lara said I needed two hearing aids and I said one would be fine. She was correct. No surprises there, then! I love that you can road-test various devices so you know what you’re letting yourself in for. I tried two and could have tested as many as I liked. I would not go anywhere else for my hearing problems. I get expert advice and what each device can do and, importantly, what they cost. And how to get bang for my money… Thanks Lara and your team.”

  • “Having been to Lara I found her to be extremely efficient and pleasant. I can highly recommend her services.”

  • "From a warm welcome to a well-informed send off. We experienced friendly, reassuring and hands on service from the ladies at Equilibrium. They understood our concerns and explained each procedure thoroughly. The way our baby girl was treated was really quite cute. We also received follow up communications as promised which is worth mention. Thank you Ladies. Your service orientated approach is refreshing. (HF)"

  • "Super friendly, The best service I’ve ever received, thank you (LL)"

  • "An incredible journey we have had so far dealing with Equilibrium. I realised my husband was having difficulty hearing for a couple of months which got to the point where he ended up at our local gp as we thought his ears were blocked with wax. Off we head to the doctor to have huge amounts of tests done and seeing specialists. The outcome - hearing loss in both ears, no wax and being referred to an audiologist to see if he qualifies for hearing aids. My husband absolutely devastated as he is young and his concept oh only old people get hearing aids. We went to two audiologists and the one, he was not happy with the outcome as they were not willing to get hearing aids that would adapt to his lifestyle. We needed hearing aids that would be able to adapt to a person that is young, does extreme sports, plays online games, indoor and outdoor activities and be able to adapt in extreme circumstances like working in loud places like a bar or being at a music festival etc. The brand this particular audiologist gave us was not suitable and my husband actually got irritated about the whole situation because the company were not prepared to give us another brand to try. The first appointment at Equilibrium was done professionally from being on time to the ladies explaining everything to us in detail including costs, trials etc. Couple of days later my husband got his trial pair and one of the most amazing experiences I have ever gone through is seeing a person's reaction the first time when they able to hearing clearly. I burst into tears with joy as the smile on my husbands face - priceless. After a few trials and appointments we had found the right hearing aids and everthing was done smoothly and professionally by the ladies at Equilibrium... We are so impressed with the service and how every interaction we have had with the ladies has been professional and a pleasure to deal with. From keeping us updated, to organising a meeting with the top guy from my husbands hearing aid company, to upgrading his hearing aids to suit his needs - customer service to perfection. We thank you 🙏 (NR)"

  • "Five stars! (KT)"

  • "Lara is a very caring person and went out of her way to help me hear better. (VA)"

  • "Great service! (TS)"

  • "I’m just so happy that I’m not having to keep raising my finger to my ear to reseat the thing literally every 20-30 minutes a waking day, to say nothing of MUCH better audio! You are brilliant, no doubt and the care with which you do things has been unparalleled in my 25-plus years of hearing correction. You make all the difference. (IM)"

  • I have worked and collaborated with LARA and her team for 6 years, we have shared many patients and she is exceptional in her level of competency, care, and professionalism. A true Vestibular expert with a drive for patient care and best outcomes. An asset to all of us working with Vestibular and Audio Patients.

    Dr Michael Brian Huth
  • Dear Lara Thank you so much for helping me deal with BPPV once and for all. After months of visits to GP’s and an ENT specialist, and an MRI, one thirty-minute session with you solved the problem. I can’t tell you how much better I feel, and really appreciate not only what you did for me, but also the care and follow-up. Again, many thanks.

    Alan Williams Chief Executive Officer
  • I remember I was so difficult and suspicious of audiologists.... after being through such a tough journey to find genuine help! Not hearing, feeling so inadequate every day wears one down...  so having a decent audiologist is like having a good gynea - a total must-have. I can not say thank you enough, you gave me back my life. Just walking through the shopping centre was easier. I am just sitting in my car crying, thank you so much for everything!!!!!!

    Dee Gillespie