Unraveling the Mystery of Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Hearing is a precious sense that connects us to the world around us. We rely on it for communication, music, and so much more. Imagine waking up one day to find that the sounds you once took for granted have diminished or even disappeared entirely. This is the harsh reality of sudden sensorineural hearing loss […]

Understanding Vestibular Decompensation

Vestibular Decompensation is the reversal of the brain’s primary compensatory mechanism, which was previously used to address inner ear or vestibular system dysfunction. People with vestibular hypofunction frequently experience episodes of dizziness, vertigo, and imbalance after a few days of bed rest due to vestibular decompensation. Some individuals are aware that they had a vestibular […]

BPPV Prevention strategies

BPPV Prevention strategies By:  Mapula Mokwena (Clinical Audiologist) Daily physical exercise: exercise can be an essential component of BPPV prevention. Regular physical activity, especially exercises that focus on balance and strengthening the vestibular system, can help reduce the risk of developing BPPV. BPPV can sometimes occur after a fall or head injury. Engaging in exercises […]


LISTENING FATIGUE By Mapula Mokwena (Clinical Audiologist) We all need to listen, but when it comes to sound, too much of a good thing can cause listening fatigue. This is a condition that can leave you feeling drained and unable to focus. What is Listening Fatigue? Listening fatigue occurs when you are exposed to excessive […]


IS THERE A CONNECTION BETWEEN COVID-19 “BRAIN FOG” SYMPTOMS AND CAPD? By Mapula Mokwena (Clinical Audiologist) The COVID-19 pandemic was like no other seen in over a century. After-effects of the virus were initially thought to be short-term (2-6 weeks) However, as time went on, this sub-group of survivors continued to have serious medical issues […]

A Balancing Act

DAY OR NIGHT, YOUR EARS KEEP YOU UPRIGHT! The inner ear is made up of a complicated series of structures and mechanisms. The hearing system (cochlea) on one side receives and transfers sounds to the brain for processing via the nerve. On the other side, sharing fluid with the cochlea is the balance system – […]

Hearing Loss and Dementia

Does a hearing loss put you at risk for dementia? Dementia is one of the biggest health obstacles to aging well. It is irreversible, but we can reduce our risk of getting it. One important, and historically underappreciated, way of preventing it is addressing hearing loss. By taking care of our hearing, we can also […]

Debunking Five Myths About Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is often associated with aging or genetic disorders of the ear- many of us believe you are either born deaf or become deaf when you get older and that there is no in-between. This and other misconceptions cause us to take good hearing for granted and not take proper care of our hearing. […]