LISTENING FATIGUE By Mapula Mokwena (Clinical Audiologist) We all need to listen, but when it comes to sound, too much of a good thing can cause listening fatigue. This is a condition that can leave you feeling drained and unable to focus. What is Listening Fatigue? Listening fatigue occurs when you are exposed to excessive […]


IS THERE A CONNECTION BETWEEN COVID-19 “BRAIN FOG” SYMPTOMS AND CAPD? By Mapula Mokwena (Clinical Audiologist) The COVID-19 pandemic was like no other seen in over a century. After-effects of the virus were initially thought to be short-term (2-6 weeks) However, as time went on, this sub-group of survivors continued to have serious medical issues […]

A Balancing Act

DAY OR NIGHT, YOUR EARS KEEP YOU UPRIGHT! The inner ear is made up of a complicated series of structures and mechanisms. The hearing system (cochlea) on one side receives and transfers sounds to the brain for processing via the nerve. On the other side, sharing fluid with the cochlea is the balance system – […]

Hearing Loss and Dementia

Does a hearing loss put you at risk for dementia? Dementia is one of the biggest health obstacles to aging well. It is irreversible, but we can reduce our risk of getting it. One important, and historically underappreciated, way of preventing it is addressing hearing loss. By taking care of our hearing, we can also […]

Debunking Five Myths About Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is often associated with aging or genetic disorders of the ear- many of us believe you are either born deaf or become deaf when you get older and that there is no in-between. This and other misconceptions cause us to take good hearing for granted and not take proper care of our hearing. […]

Hearing Health and Diet

Hearing health and diet Vitamins and minerals are crucial in the fight to maintain your body healthy and operating properly. Zinc is an important nutrient for improving the immune system, and calcium helps to create strong bones. Some minerals, such as those listed below, are essential for maintaining the health of ourhearing. Potassium: Potassium regulates […]

Demystifying Tinnitus: What is Tinnitus?

Demystifying Tinnitus:  What is Tinnitus? Nobody else can hear it – the tinnitus – but you hear it all the time. It’s a ringing, buzzing, clicking, roaring or humming noise playing in your ears, and it’s exasperating. Some people hear it in one ear and others hear it in both. People with severe tinnitus may […]

4 Tips for Easy Hearing Aid Care at Home

4 Tips for Easy Hearing Aid Care at Home You count on your hearing aids every day to provide you with the hearing quality you have come to enjoy. Maintaining your hearing aid is essential for hearing as well as to ensure high hygiene standards. Proper daily use and cleaning will increase the life span […]