Has Covid-19 damaged your sense of smell? ‘Olfactory training' can help

For the many Covid-19 patients who have lost all or some of their sense of smell, doctors recommend an olfactory version of physical therapy called “smell training.”


What is olfactory or smell training?

A large proportion of people who contract Covid-19 report losing their sense of smell—entirely or in part—or experiencing parosmia, a disorder that “causes previously normal odors to develop a new, often unpleasant aroma. A study published in September 2020, found that up to 77% of Covid-19 patients report some form of smell loss.

Experts are still unclear how Covid-19 causes smell loss. However, according to experts, they believe that parosmia “occurs because the neural pathways from the nose to the brain have been disrupted.” According to Pamela Dalton, a faculty member at the Monell Chemical Senses Center, it’s “kind of like a telephone operator from the 1950s connecting the wrong party to another line.”

Using a propriety mix of essential oils, we will guide you through the olfactory training process

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