At Equilibrium we believe that life’s remarkable sounds and the phenomenon of normal balance are a huge part of living well and living fully.

We offer a wide range of diagnostic assessments including:

Some feedback from our past patients:

  • “I’ve been feeling so dizzy for almost half my life. I’m 28 years of age and this has been happening since I was 14 yrs. I developed a very low self-esteem because I felt I was going to feel dizzy or fall in front of people at the mall or any public [place]. I preferred being alone or being assisted by someone just in case… I did tests at various doctors and found nothing. But thanks to Lara Benigson I’ve never felt so alive and sure about myself. Thanks to her wonderful smile and understanding, I’ve been a much better person. Wow, wow, wow! I feel like jumping and telling the world ‘thank you very much Lara Benigson’ may God bless you!”

  • “I recently needed an upgrade and, as usual, Lara was terrific… Lara said I needed two hearing aids and I said one would be fine. She was correct. No surprises there, then! I love that you can road-test various devices so you know what you’re letting yourself in for. I tried two and could have tested as many as I liked. I would not go anywhere else for my hearing problems. I get expert advice and what each device can do and, importantly, what they cost. And how to get bang for my money… Thanks Lara and your team.”

  • “Having been to Lara I found her to be extremely efficient and pleasant. I can highly recommend her services.”